The Ocean Breeze

The Ocean Breeze, It floats with ease, Providing help for those in need. It passes by mountains, Circles the village, Flies through the forest, Lands in the sea. The Ocean Breeze, It’s always around thee, Whisking away our worries, Replacing it with glee. The Ocean Breeze, The best remedy for crying in your sleep, It takes away our troubles, And gives us maybe just a minute of peace. Continue reading The Ocean Breeze

A Tricky Thing

  Sanity… it’s a tricky thing…   One day you love her, One day you don’t. One day you smile, One day you don’t.   One day you spend time with your family at home, The next day you’re cheating with some other girl from work.   One day you laugh, happy and proud, And one day you’re crying, holding the drink in the glass.   One day you know that you’ll make it someday, The next day you pray that your life ends in someway.   One day you love and hug at the door, And one day you … Continue reading A Tricky Thing