Not the girl I used to be 

I’m not the girl I used to be,

I’m no longer pathetic little me.

I no longer walk the streets alone,

Wishing I had a hand to hold.


I no longer cry at every little thing,

Wasting my tears on those girls who called me weird.


I no longer wish I could fit in,

Hiding my flaws behind my sealed shut doors.


I no longer chase after the wrong boys,

Begging them to like me, even if it’s all a joke.


I no longer spend my whole night,

Thinking how I can win over the girls sitting to my right.


I no longer change every little thing,

So I would be approved by everyone I knew.


I no longer follow the girls in my school,

Like a little puppy on a tight leash.


And that’s only what I merely wish,

Because somehow I know,

I’ll always be pathetic little me.


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