They keep me up at night.

Tearing down my heart,

Nailing it to the ground.


I hide them,

Keep them in the back of my brain,

Praying that my little facade won’t break.


Smiling, I ignore them,

Never say a word,

I try to seem perfect,

I spend time covering every flaw.


But every night before I go to bed,

They come and flood my brain,

Whispering and snickering,

They never give me a break.


Every night,

They tear down all my walls,

Laughing until I break,

Hoping that I’ll stay awake.

They stab me with their hurtful words,


Cheering at my pain,

Oh those insecurities,

How they drive me insane.


Once I fall asleep,

They slowly stop their hate,

Yet I hear their whisper little secrets,

Plotting to take me down the next day.


But I try to not surrender,

To not let me lose in vain,

I put on my concealer,

Blocking out their little games.


Oh how I wish they’ll stop it,

Oh how I wish they leave,

And secretly I pray that someone will see my pain,

And help me get rid of the demons in my brain,

Silencing the insecurities that plague me every day.


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