Baggage… it can be heavy stuff,

But sometimes we just need someone to pick up the slack.

One of these days we’ll have to open up,

Share our hearts,

Let someone love us for who we are.


It can be hard to let them in, 

For sometimes it can hurt a great deal,

There are times when I’m scared to be me,

And if I’m scared of who I can be,

Then they definitly will be.


We all have issues no matter who we are…

Some were dumped,

Left in a slump.

Some took pills,

Decided they’re  done with their  life.


We’re not perfect,

We all have flaws.

We have pasts,

Some worse than most.


But we’re all trying to move on from hard times,

Change ourselves,

Start a new life.


Let someone carry your baggage,

Maybe just for a little while,

Give them a smile,

Show them who lies behind your sealed shut doors. 


See my friends,

Sometimes when the weight is lifted,

We can finally open up our hearts,

And show the world who we are.



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