Shining Bright

“Turn your face to the sun and let the shadows fall behind you.”

-Maori Proverb


Shining bright, it feel’s so right,

It warms the earth,

Makes us feel close to home.


It gives us love,

It gives us hope,

It gives us faith,

It gives us laughs.


It shines so bright even when moods are dark,

It helps us let go,

Even when we’re holding on so close.


It inspires us day and night,

It helps us grow no matter what.


Under it’s warmth,

Do we live and love,

Laugh and draw,

Write and Sing,

Dance and Prance.


It’s warmth and light,

Shine and glow,

Helps us grow,

It helps us love,

Laugh, and drink and dance.


It helps us live the best possible lives,

Oh how we must thank the sun that shines through the dark.


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